Social Media Marketing

Every brand should have a social media presence. But you need daring content to create real excitement for your products or services. With a little help from trending topics in your field, we’ll cut through the digital noise and create real connections.

Why We Do It

Social media has evolved far beyond a simple communication tool. These days, consumers NEED social proof before the purchase — but it also has several other purposes to help your brand reach its full potential.

Building Real-World Influence Through Digital Means

Humanizing Your Brand

We strive to create a relatable personality for your brand to deepen connections with your customers.

Managing Your Reputation

We utilize social media to lend credibility to your business and respond to real-time feedback.

Spreading The Word

We boost your search engine rankings through your social pages, giving your target customers more chances to discover your brand.

Enhancing Your Longevity

By drawing more attention to your online presence, we get audiences invested for the long-term and discover new ways to keep your brand relevant.

The Minds Behind The Campaigns

Jamie Grolle

CEO & Founder

Brandon Brown

Chief Operating Officer

KT Lipsiner

Director of Client Success

Sarah Johnson

Performance Strategy Lead

Taylor Gabriel-Remigio

Brand Strategy Lead

Xenia Chaidez

Account Manager

Melissa Gill

Account Manager

Mason Asphar


Amiliana Burnett


Spitfire Social Moguls

Spitfire has been instrumental in the success of our casino's social media. Jamie and her team understand social media strategy and how to convert followers to players, which I have yet to see any other casino accomplish on social. Spitfire has helped our casino build loyalty with our customers with the Free Play games we play on Facebook, resulting in a significant impact on casino revenue.
Nick Schulte
IT Director
ChagaRoot is ecstatic to have Spitfire as the social media force behind our brand. Every post is creative and gets a lot of attention from our customers. Working with them has been worth every penny invested. They frequently suggest new ideas for us to get the best engagement possible. They’re trustworthy, provide excellent guidance, and deliver results; they’re absolutely worth it.
Shane Stuart
Jamie and her team at Spitfire prioritize client results by delivering tailored services, emphasizing strategic planning, and embracing flexibility. Over our two-year collaboration, they've been instrumental in promoting our brand across different channels. Spitfire has always felt like an extension of our own team, and the peace of mind knowing my social media is handled by experts is invaluable. I have referred them to friends and acquaintances a number of times, and can’t recommend them enough.
Inbal Gonen
Founder and CEO
The team at Spitfire Social will go above and beyond to ensure your needs are met. We have been working with them for almost 2 years. We host events a couple of times a year and they have helped us to continue to build brand awareness year-round even in the off seasons. They are not only knowledgeable, but they are also so kind, fun and cool. They truly become friends along the way. From content creation, account management, strategy and advertising, they have continued to go above and beyond for us and have helped us build a community. Thank you, Jamie and team!
Kelsey Kay
Creative Director

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