Viola Floral - a Los Angeles Florist

A Targeted Paid Social Media Campaign for a Los Angeles Florist

Viola Floral wanted to stand out in the Valentine’s Day scramble. Our Approach: A paid campaign crafted around mens’ purchasing habits.

The Challenge

A Los Angeles florist needed a targeted paid social media campaign to stand out amongst competitors in an oversaturated ad market prior to Valentine’s Day. Building trust with customers at the top of the funnel was crucial for success.

The Solution

After initial research we learned that men spend 55% more than women on Valentine’s Day. Spitfire held a focus group of men to learn about their pain points when purchasing gifts for the holiday. This discovery led to a creative and playful campaign for Viola Floral that spoke directly to the target audience’s wants: timely delivery, easy purchasing options, and for the recipient to love the gift.

The Impact

Customer response to the cheeky and relatable ads was overwhelmingly positive. Viola Floral’s one-month $1500 advertising budget yielded $11,470.62 in revenue-a 765% return on ad spend.

Local influencer partnerships
Follower growth between 2 accounts

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